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Dr. Natalia Osma participated in the meeting of the "SCOR WG 161" Group

The IMO researcher, Dr. Natalia Osma, participated in the meeting of the group “SCOR WG 161 Respiration in the Mesopelagic Ocean”, held between May 22 and 27 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.

It should be noted that the main objective of this group -created in 2021- is to collect and compare microbial respiration data in the mesopelagic zone. This is intended to both identify and reduce the existing gaps around respiration in these oceanic areas. In addition, the above also seeks to improve the estimates of organic matter flow and remineralization rates. In this sense, the aforementioned group is made up of experts who use observations, experimental work and models to study the aforementioned problem.

On this occasion, Dr. Osma, along with attending the annual meeting -where the guidelines to be followed for the following year were defined- participated as a teacher in the "International Training Course on Mesopelagic Respiration". This course, In which both doctoral students and young researchers of different nationalities participated, the different techniques for measuring and estimating respiration in microorganisms were addressed from a theoretical-practical perspective, from the traditional incubation method to the use of Argo buoys. ; as well as mathematical models that predict respiration.

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